dedicated to offering quality consulting in the discipline of the virtual economy

We are a community of writers and trainers!

Mission statement: BBRC Freelancing is dedicated to offering quality consulting in the discipline of the virtual economy. We specialize in training on freelance writing and the publishing of copyrighted content such as books and artistic features like poems.

Vision statement: Our vision is to become respected leaders in advancing the discourse that virtual economy is an equal employer and the opportunities can be available to millions of unemployed people all over the world if only they seek to learn and master critical soft skills such as freelance writing and share the knowledge in the gig economy.


  • To use technology in creating effective models of instruction hence offering quality training to all irrespective of the geographical location.
  • To empower learners to become the best in freelancing hence enabling them to rise as competent independent consultants and service providers in the virtual economy.
  • Through the book expositions, BBRC Freelancing presents an alternative marketing voice to individual authors to help them reach many actual and potential buyers for sales.
  • To the students at the higher levels of learning, BBRC Freelancing presents an alternative tutorial voice in writing winning essays and theses.

Note: BBRC Enterprise does not work to facilitate examination illegalities such as cheating. Our policy dictates that our trainers only guide in coaching to enable the learners to write effectively.

Core Values:

  1. Ethics: BBRC Freelancing works to promote and set an example in excellence and integrity within the larger freelance writing industry. Our writers present themselves as principled and respectful members of the online community by holding on to great levels of ethical values.
  2. Integrity: BBRC Freelancing upholds a concerted commitment to embrace and practice honesty, fairness, and objectivity while operating virtually.
  3. Quality: BBRC Freelancing provides quality in the areas of training, content creation, sale of educational materials, and the development of sales pitches for books.
  4. Self-Evaluation: BBRC Freelancing believes in the need for continuous self-criticism for professionals and students in the freelance writing discipline as such would ensure consistent growth.