The Great Shift; formal employment to Freelancing

The modern job market has undergone significant transformation especially in the era of increased technological connectivity. Unlike in the past when people had to be confined in physical spaces like offices to work, many people and organizations are embracing virtual working spaces. As a result, irrespective of one’s geographical location, one can effectively engage with […]

How to register for the Academic Writing Course

The registration process is simple and direct. On your browser, click to land on the home screen of the BBRC Freelancing website. From the menu bar, you will see the E-learn Course. Upon clicking the tab, it will redirect you to the academic writing course platform from where to register. Click the course and[…..]

Freelance (Academic) Writing Lessons

Balcony Freelancing invites you to a very exciting journey in learning how to start, grow, and become a competent freelance writer, with a special focus on academic writing. The initial focus is on preparing the learner to become an authoritative voice in the ever dynamic industry of academic writing. The course is effectively prepared to[…..]