Freelance (Academic) Writing Lessons

Balcony Freelancing invites you to a very exciting journey in learning how to start, grow, and become a competent freelance writer, with a special focus on academic writing. The initial focus is on preparing the learner to become an authoritative voice in the ever dynamic industry of academic writing. The course is effectively prepared to last the learner the shortest time possible with 10 weeks being the minimum time one can learn the skill. Nevertheless, the instructor is well aware that five weeks could be insufficient for some learners, and hence, individualized attention will be accorded to learners depending on their competencies. Furthermore, at the Balcony Freelancing, we appreciate long-lasting relations between our team and the learners. Therefore, upon enrolling for and pursuing the course, learners will have the advantage of unlimited consultation on any area of freelance (academic) writing even in the future.

What does the course entail?

The freelance writing course is highly simplified and it is based on a well-researched and written guide (The Ultimate Guide to becoming a Proficient Online Writer). The learning process will be highly interactive. Punctuality and utmost attention will be required during the online or physical training sessions. Upon registration for the course, every student will have a learner’s portal. From the dashboard, personalized interactions between the tutor and the learner will be held. Payments will be done as the learner enrolls for the training from the website. Upon payments through PayPal or the till number (5211515), a learner will automatically have access to the learning materials, schedules, and the interactive dashboard. 

Who are the potential learners?

Learning is open to undergraduate and graduates students and such other persons who have some background in higher education. Another important factor to consider is that the language of instruction will be English and therefore, only English users will be eligible for the course. Both native and nonnative English speakers will benefit greatly from the lessons. It is also worth appreciating that the course targets all learners; those who have never done writing and those interested in honing their skills in the industry.

Who are the teachers?

Balcony Freelancing prides in great tutorial fellows. Our teachers are highly seasoned, having been in the industry for over eight years as active writers and content creators. All of them are graduates from renowned universities. Some of the lead trainers have written the book which is the main resource for the course and is titled “The ultimate guide to becoming a proficient freelance writer”.

What is the mode of training/learning?

Balcony Freelancing is an online academy and therefore unless, on very rare occasions where students can access our offices for a one-to-one consultation, all the learning and training occur virtually. Live video sessions through google meet, WhatsApp video and Zoom applications, and chats from the website are the primary tools for the learning process. It, therefore, becomes important that the learner and the tutor are well served with the internet to facilitate the learning process.

What is the course content?

The course is structured to tackle all the necessary aspects of freelance writing. Different topics and focus areas will be distributed over the ten weeks of instruction. Areas and topics of focus include but not limited to Plagiarism, Grammar, Essay Writing, Research Proposal and Dissertation writing, Annotated Bibliography, Book & Movie/Film review, Personal Statement, PowerPoint Presentations, and Formatting and Styles (MLA, APA, Harvard, and Chicago).

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